Sóma Goddess Blush

BouBoulina Designs


Our stunning Sóma Drip Candle will make your heart skip a beat and may even leave some of you a little breathless. Sóma is the Greek word for BODY and we could not think of a better way to honour the GODDESS within us all. Strong. Brave & Beautiful.....a tribute to every woman, the path that life has chosen for her, the road that she has walked upon, and the journey ahead that still awaits her.

Whether you decide to use her as decor or burn her, it will be difficult for her presence to go unnoticed. Please note, you will require to place her on a trinket tray whilst burning. Bling Mirror Tray Sold Separately. 

Height - 14cm tall

Handmade in Melbourne, Australia

Made from Organic, cosmetic grade beeswax & soy wax

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

Processing time up to 2 weeks. 

Each Sóma Goddess Candle is handmade and poured. Their may be some imperfections or colour variations.