Couture Incense Sticks (Pack of 20)

BouBoulina Designs


There are so many different ways to bring scent into our homes and our every day life. For me, it's always about what kind of mood i am in, the energy around me, and how I would like to feel, that helps me decide on whether i will burn a candle, light up an incense stick or rely on the constant subtle release from the strategically placed diffusers I have around the house. 

I have always loved the instant aroma an incense stick provides, and the longevity of the fragrance as it lingers in the space.  

We have sourced the highest quality of natural bamboo sticks here in Australia and combined this with a refined premium quality perfume that we have blended here at BouBoulina Designs. Every incense stick is cured for 48 hours and double dipped to assure we are able to get the maximum fragrance throw for our customers. We are thrilled to present our delicate and timeless Couture Incense Collection,  Inspired by the scents we know and love. 

Pack of 10 - various scents to choose from. If you are after something specific please use our Custom Order Form.